Traffic Calming Policy

The Board of Alderman adopted a Traffic Calming Policy at its April 16, 2013 meeting. The policy provides a step-by-step procedure to address citizens concerns regarding speeding cars in neighborhoods, excessive cut-through traffic, or other safety concerns that may arise.

The first step towards achieving traffic calming in a neighborhood is for a citizen to report the problem by submitting a Traffic Calming Request Form to the Public Works Department. A copy of this form is available below, at City Hall, or can be requested by calling the Public Works Department at 662-232-2306.

Requests are prioritized on a first-come-first served basis based on the date the form is received at the Public Works Department. A copy of the Traffic Calming Policy is available for download below.

To ensure fairness for all citizens: All requests, including those from neighborhoods that have previously and/or recently requested traffic calming devices, must be submitted on the Traffic Calming Request Form in order to claim a place in the prioritization.

 Traffic Calming Policy & Study Request Form