Tourism Council Agenda

Oxford Tourism Council
Meeting Agenda
Monday, September 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm
Oxford Conference Center

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve Agenda (pg.1)
  3. Approve Consent Agenda
    1. Meeting minutes from August 16, 2021 (pgs.2-5)
    2. Financials ending August 30, 2021 (pgs.6-25)
    3. Bill dockets since last meeting (pgs.26-27)
  4. New Business
    1. Consider approval of FY22 Budget (pg.28)
    2. Consider approval of Accounting Services with Don Wilkerson for FY22- Ferris (pg.29)
    3. Consider approval of Bandwagon Public Relations proposal for FY22- Ferris (pgs.30-32)
    4. Consider approval of Snapshot Publishing ad agency contract for FY22 - Ferris(pgs.33-37)
    5. Consider approval of FY22 Marketing Plan and the following ad within- Thornton(pgs.38-40)
      1. Bham Now, digital ads- $10,000 (pg.41)
      2. Expedia Group, digital ads- $15,000 (pgs.42-43)
      3. Hoffman Media, print ads- $5,000 (pg.44)
      4. Madden Voyage device tracking and Google SEM- $20,399.82 (Match Co-op with Visit MS)- $20,399.82 (pgs.45-46)
      5. Royalty Management Group, influencer/ NIL agreement with Jerrion Ealy- $5,000 (pg.47)
      6. Advance Travel, digital ads-$34,500 (pgs.48-50)
      7. SportsTalk MS, radio live remote and ads-$7,500 (splitting total $15,000 with mTrade park) (pg.51)
      8. MS Tour Guide, print and digital- $8,800 (pg.52)
    6. Consider approval of agreement with Industrial Frigo USA, Inc.
  5. Visit Oxford Team Report- Kinney Ferris
  6. Double Decker Arts Festival Report - Lee Ann Stubbs
  7. Commissioned Member Reports
  8. Alderman Report - Rick Addy
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Executive/ Finance Committee
    2. Partnerships Committee - Jessica Lynch
    3. Advocacy & Outreach Committee- Nadia Thornton
    4. Ad Hoc Nominating Committee- Bryon Cohron (pgs.56-57)
  10. Consider Executive Session
  11. Adjourn