Ordinance Review Committee

The purpose of the Ordinance Review Committee is to provide input on proposed ordinance changes in the Land Development Ordinance. The committee meets as needed and is made up of the Mayor, two alderman, two planning commission members, the city attorney, and staff

September 15, 2015
Meeting Agenda
The Ordinance Review Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 1:30 p.m., in the City Hall conference room. The following items are on the agenda:

  Old Business
  1. Amendment to Section 150 (PUD) Planned Unit Development C. Uses Permitted to enable limited types of Industrial and General Business uses as a special exception in Section 150 Planned Unit Development.
New Business
  1. Discussion of Temporary Signage Requirements.
  2. Clean-up items
    1. Exemption of stormwater structures, including ponds in the front yard.
    2. Cross reference corrections from old Appendix B, Landscape Ordinance to Chapter 34 Article II, Landscaping.
      1. Section 137 General Business, Section 137.04 3
      2. Section 139 Shopping Center, Section 139.04 2 and 3
      3. Section 140 Neighborhood Business, Section 140.04 2 and 3
      4. Section 141 Downtown Business, Section 141.04 2 and 3
      5. Section 142 Professional Business, Section 142.05 8
      6. Section 146 Industrial District, Section 146.03 2 and 3
      7. Section 150 Planned Unit Development Section 150 D 6
  3. Add to Section 34-22 Applicability and Exemptions add RB.
  4. Discussion of upcoming rewrite of the Development Ordinance.
  5. Adjournment