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Engineering, a division of Development Services, is responsible for the design, construction and oversight of all public infrastructure projects including water, sewer, street, stormwater, solid waste improvements, capital improvement projects, and various other types of construction projects. Engineering staff also reviews public and private development projects for compliance with the City of Oxford’s Codes and Ordinances, and conducts the sale of all water and sewer connections.

The Engineering division oversees and manages the maintenance of all City owned and maintained streets, sidewalks, street signs, and public drainage infrastructure within the right-of-way and the performance of traffic counts and traffic signal timing. Engineering coordinates with Oxford Utilities for the maintenance of traffic signals within the City right-of-way. Engineering oversees the approval of both Utility and right-of-way permits for work within the right-of-way.

Prior to the recently completed annexation, the City maintained over 125 miles of roadway. In addition to assuming maintenance of almost 50 miles of roadway, Engineering will be developing plans over the next five years to ensure all residents within the annexed area have access to City water and to sewer.

The Engineering division is also responsible for Flood Plain management within the City. This involves oversite and enforcement of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance which regulates developments in the Federally regulated flood plain within the City limits.

This division also sells and executes deeds for cemetery plots and columbarium spaces in the Oxford Memorial Cemetery on behalf of the Environmental Services Department.