Downtown Parking

Welcome to Oxford. We hope you enjoy your visit and all of the many amenities our city has to offer. This page is meant to assist visitors and citizens about parking in downtown Oxford.

Parking is available for the downtown area of Oxford in two categories: Premium, curbside parking and long-term parking lots

Premium, curbside parking:

These are curbside spaces located along the main roads leading to the Oxford Square during the hours of 10 AM to midnight, Monday through Saturdays – Holidays, Sundays and Football Game Days excluded. Football Game Days are restricted to 3 hour limit.

On-Street Parking Meters - $1.25/hour On-Street Parking Meters - $0.75/hour
Courthouse Square, Jackson Avenue, North Lamar, South Lamar and Van Buren Avenue South 11th Street, Harrison Avenue, Monroe Avenue and Tyler Avenue
Rates: Rates:
$0.05 - 2 minutes of parking
$0.10 - 4 minutes of parking
$0.25 - 12 minutes of parking
$1.25 - 1 hour of parking
$0.05 - 4 minutes of parking
$0.10 - 8 minutes of parking
$0.25 - 20 minutes of parking
$0.75 - 1 hour of parking

Long-term parking lots: 

For your convenience, the City of Oxford provides free parking in the OPC/Water Tower lot and the 2nd-4th floors of the parking garage. Consult the signs around the square or use the downloadable map (above) to locate these lots.

Paid off-street lots: 

The following off-street lots are available for paid parking by-the-hour or with a parking permit.

• Monroe Avenue (Between N Lamar and N 13th St.) – $0.75/hour or premium permit
• Van Buren-Harrison Lot (High Cotton) – $0.75/hour or premium permit
• Jackson-Monroe Lot (next to Something Southern) – $0.75/hour or premium permit
• City Hall Lot – $0.75/hour, premium permit or select permit
• Harrison-Tyler Lot (behind Old Venice) – $0.75/hour or premium permit
• Parking Garage Surface Lot – $0.75/hour, premium permit or select permit
• Parking Garage (1st Floor Only) – $1.00/hour or premium permit
• Jackson-9th Street Lot (next to DHS building) – $0.75/hour, premium permit or select permit
• Jackson Avenue (Between N 13th St. and S 14th St.) – $0.75/hour, premium permit or select permit

For more information on parking permits, please visit Downtown Parking Permit Program Information

ADA Parking

Vehicles with a valid ADA placard or ADA license plate may park for free in any ADA space in the downtown square area. This includes all ADA spaces in the premium, curbside parking, paid off-streets lots and the new Oxford Parking Garage. The ADA placard or ADA license plate is not valid in any normal parking space.

Parking Citations

Regular parking citations will be issued to vehicles parking in premium parking spaces in the Square/Downtown area for overtime parking and improper parking.

Vehicles are authorized to be towed or immobilized if the vehicle:
- Has 3 or more parking convictions in a 12 month period, and 1 of those fines remains unpaid after 60 days.
- Has 4 or more parking convictions in a 12 month period.
- Is found to be blocking a sidewalk, fire hydrant, or fire lane.

How to Pay Parking Tickets (white tickets, as shown):

  • In person, at the City of Oxford Parking Division located on the first floor of City Hall
  • By Mail, to 107 Courthouse Square Oxford MS 38655, CHECKS ONLY please do not send cash. Make checks payable to the City of Oxford and please include the ticket number on your check.
  • Online: CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLY ACCEPTED ONLINE. There is a $2.50 processing fee for all online payments. Click on the “Pay parking ticket online” link at the top of the page or the ticket image here.

**All tickets become convictions if not paid or disputed by the court date listed.

**A vehicle may be immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense after consecutive unpaid violations

Online payment is for white parking tickets only, not blue/municipal court tickets

Online Receipts

Go to the website to look up transactions from the last six months using your credit card information and the transaction date range. You may also create an account so that whenever the credit card linked to the account is used, the receipt is automatically emailed to you. Click on the “” link above or the image here.

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