Public Works

The Public Works Department includes the Engineering, Street as well as the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Engineering Division reviews public and private development projects and is responsible for design and oversight of water, sewer, street, drainage, stormwater and solid waste improvements. The division also oversees traffic counts, mapping and graphics preparation, and calculates water and sewer tap and connection fees.

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining city streets, sidewalks, stormwater drainage, as well as street signs. The division also supports other areas of the city in construction activities and capital improvement projects.

The Water Department and Water Treatment Plants provides water service to residents within the city limits and several customers outside the city proper. These departments install and maintain over 205 miles of water lines, operate and maintain above 8 wells and 5 elevated water storage tanks holding more than 2,000,000 gallons.

The Sewer Department and Lift Stations provide sewer service to residents of the City of Oxford, maintaining over 130 miles of sewer lines, and 40 sanitary sewer lift stations.

The Waste Water Treatment Facility is responsible for the treatment and disposal of all wastewater generated in the city’s service area. Currently, the treatment plant treats more than 3.5 million gallons of sewage per day, with plans to enlarge to 6.5 million gallons per day. The treatment facility is located on MS Highway 7 heading south of town.

City of Oxford Public Works Service Area

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