Planning Department

The Planning Department formulates goals, plans, policies and ordinances that provide orderly growth and development for Oxford. This department assists the public with matters regarding zoning, annexation, subdivision of property, and historic preservation.

The Planning Department works with the Planning Commission and Preservation Commissions by providing information to be used in their decision making process. Planning Commission and Preservation Commissions meeting times and agendas are posted on the City Calendar.

All ordinances related to Planning, Historic Preservation, and Land Use can be found on the Municode City of Oxford Code of Ordinances Website

Applications and Forms (9)

All applications related to development in Oxford
Applications and Forms

Guides, Checklists, and Worksheets (6)

Checklists for development, meeting dates, calculators etc
Guides, Checklists, and Worksheets

Land Use Plan (8)

Oxford's comprehensive land use plan
Land Use Plan

Maps (11)

Planning, zoning, and land use maps

Planning Studies & Reports (4)

Reports made for the City of Oxford.
Planning Studies & Reports

Vision 2020 (9)

The complete Vision for Oxford 2020 report, made in 1999
Vision 2020